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Why is it better to buy only organic vegetables, seasonal and preferably "zero-mile"? Because in winter the body needs more than ever right defenses...


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We produce organic vegetables ...

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The winter vegetables

 Cauliflower is a vegetable whose properties are good for health and diet , due to its low calories. Thanks to the perfect balance of its components, exerts a beneficial action on health when consumed 2-3 times a week. Due to its low in calories (25 kcal/100g ) and its high power satiating the cauliflower is also referred to in slimming diets.


Radicchio has diuretic and digestive properties , have low calories, about 12 calories per 100 grams of product , a significant protein content and high levels of potassium, phosphorus and calcium. And ' rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and this is suitable for all diets.


At Chicory,  because of its distinct flavor and the substances contained in it , purifying and detoxifying properties are attributed , with particular reference to the roots , which would be able to stimulate the activity of the liver and kidneys. Moreover, it has digestive properties , which has the ability to stimulate the production of bile. It is considered a natural purge , because of its laxative effects . And with powers natural diuretics . Chicory would also have the ability to regulate the heartbeat, to reduce some types of inflammation and control your blood sugar. Are derived from chicory herbal extracts considered to be useful in case of bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.


The expression "let a fool" comes from the habit of vintners offer slices of fennel horticultural those who came forward to buy the wine kept in barrels . The fennel in fact contains aromatic substances that make a tasty wine of poor quality or next all'acetificazione . The common distinction between fennel and fennel female male is only formal : the former is elongated and the second round . The so-called gay male , most under appreciated aspect of the commodity because it is less fibrous and more fleshy, is achieved through the competition of environmental factors associated with the nature of the soil and its surface accommodation and adequate cultivation techniques.


In the midst of winter frost comes the cabbage, cooked vegetables that boiling is a healthy comfort to the body cold . When it is fresh and of good quality is very tight and almost no odor. Particularly valuable and full of flavor that comes from organic farming. The cabbage is a tasty food supplement as it contains a variety of vitamins. Interestingly , in these cold periods , the content of magnesium and zinc , which are useful for the immune system and to improve the psycho-physical state . Rich in chlorophyll, promotes the absorption of iron , is helpful during pregnancy and during periods of fatigue or stress.



The chard is a native of southern Europe, where it grows wild in the Mediterranean region . There are as many varieties are cultivated in all temperate zones of the world. It is much appreciated as a vegetable that contains vitamins, fiber , folic acid and mineral salts . The outer leaves , which are the most green , contain the highest amount of vitamins and carotene.Si can consume the whole plant including the leaves and the stem . The leaves are harvested when they are still small (less than 20 cm). It contains the following vitamins : vitamin K , vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E , vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5.


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